Martians – Echinacea

Contains 60 pieces (packaged in a blue-coloured container)

Form – Martian-shaped gelatine with fruity flavour

Mix of two fruity flavours(strawberry/red; cherry/dark red)


Product Description

Martians Gummies with Echinacea are new, delicious gelatine Martians for healthy immunity and containing vitamins and minerals essential for proper physiological growth, development and prevention of the common cold.

In addition, they contain the Echinacea extract from Echinacea purpurea, herb traditionally used for its beneficial effect on immune system.

They also contain vitamin C and zinc which help to support a healthy immune system.

Martians Gummies with Echinacea are suitable to use in periods of increased colds.

Martians Gummies with Echinacea contain natural colour only; they have two fruity flavours – strawberry, cherry.



  • Without artifi cial dyes, preservatives, artifi cial sweeteners and gluten.
  • It is available in mix of 2 fl avours (strawberry and cherry)
  • It is in suitable and comfortable form which helps to motivate children to take vitamins.
  • It supplements essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It is important as a supplement during increased demands of the child’s body for vitamins and minerals.


  • Helps to strengthen the immunity of the child’s organism.
  • Supports physiological growth, vitality and general well-being.
  • Is benefi cial for the immune system thanks to Echinacea effect on stimulating white blood cell production and phagocytic activity.
  • Suitable for prevention of the common cold.



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